fredag, augusti 21, 2009

A. S. Byatt om perioden 1901 - 1914

(à propos The Children's Book:)

"Much of what the Edwardians achieved was real and solid: Women were slowly emancipated, the workhouse was replaced by some sort of social security and pensions for the old, children were treated as people, sex was sensibly discussed, even if free love led to problems that have not gone away. But I have never loved Edwardian literature and art as I love the Victorians. There is something self-satisfied and preachy about both Wells and Shaw, something violently preachy about Lawrence and smugly self-preening about Bloomsbury. The Victorians had a sense of the tragic and the terrible, and after the 1914–18 war, that came back."

--- A.S. Byatt, Bookforum, nov. 2009.

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