söndag, augusti 15, 2010

Krigets Proust

"No wine is so earthy as the red wine of Burgundy that in the warm glow of candlelight and in the white reflection of the snow was the color of soil, the crimson and gold hue of the Côte d'Or hills at sunset. The bouquet was strong, scented with grass and leaves like a summer evening in Burgundy. No wine is so congenial with the evening dusk or so partial to the night as the wine of Nuits Saint Georges. Even its name, deep and flashing like a summer evening, belongs to the night. It shines bloodlike on the threshold of the night as the glow of the sunset on the crystal edge of the horizon. It kindles glints of red and blue in the crimson clolored earth, in the grass and the leaves still warm with the taste and the aroma of the dying day. [---] That is the hour for Burgundy wine. At that hour, during the winter nights, in that room alight with the ebony reflection of snow, the deep odor of the Nuits Saint Georges brought forth memories of summer evenings in Burgundy, of nights asleep on the soil still warm with the sun."
- Curzio Malaparte i Finland, ur Kaputt (s. 198-199).

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